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  • Rent of a tent  "Pagoda"

    Rent of a tent "Pagoda"

    Tents are 9 m², 25 m², 36 m², 65 m² and 100 m². The capacity of the tent is from 6 to 67 people, depending on the size. The base of the structure is made of aluminum coated with dense, reinforced PVC.

    Price: from 8 000 €.

  • Rent of a gable tent

    Rent of a gable tent

    Area: 100 m², 150 m², 200 m², 300 m², 1000 m², etc. The tent can accommodate from 65 people. The tent can be equipped with an awning made of Mehler material that does not support combustion (flammability G 1).

    Price: from 35 000 €.

  • Rent of a multifaceted tent

    Rent of a multifaceted tent

    Capacity from 80 people depending on the size of the tent. Area from 120 to 380 m². It can be equipped with furniture, carpet floors, hard walls, transparent roofs and other elements.

    Price: from 87 000 €.

  • Rent arched tent

    Rent arched tent

    The structures are made on the basis of an aluminum frame, they are highly durable and presentable. The arched tent assumes trouble-free access for visitors to the tent from any side.

    Price: from 87 000 €.

  • Rent of a tent for a wedding.

    Rent of a tent for a wedding / celebration.

    A wide range of tents for weddings and other festive events. It is possible to use PVC fabric made of non-combustible material of European production. Complete with furniture is possible.

    Price: from 16 000 €.

  • Rent of a large tent

    Rent of a large tent

    We rent tents for up to 833 people, with an area of 350, 450, 500, 625, 750, 1000 and more m². When renting, we carry out professional installation of the tent in Russia and abroad.

    Price: from 40 000 €.

  • Rent of tent

    Rent of tent

    Awning tents on an anodized aluminum frame with a PVC fabric covering of Russian and European production. Different sizes and shape factors, from 9 to 1200 sq. covering area.

    Price: from 8 000 €.

  • Rent of a tent for an exhibition

    Rent of a tent for an exhibition

    Tents for the exhibition for rent in stock and to order. Design. Delivery and installation in Russia and abroad. Development of exclusive design options and furnishing is possible.

    Price: from 35 000 €.

  • Rent of a commercial tent

    Rent of a commercial tent

    Quality commercial tents, rental and sale. Constructions of various sizes, from small retail outlets to huge pavilions. Installation supervision by employees of our company. Branding is possible.

    Price: from 5 000 €.

  • Pavilion tent rental

    Pavilion tent rental

    Tents-pavilions for mass events, trade, weddings, corporate events and business. Safe constructions. We provide a full range of turnkey services.

    Price: from 140 000 €.

  • Prices without intermediaries

    Prices without intermediaries.Each customer, choosing a developer for a temporary infrastructure, certainly pays attention to the price / quality ratio of the proposed solutions. Choosing a company, "Tents and Awnings" as a partner, you get an ideal balance in this aspect. Our company always adheres to the average market prices, and not by the level of any particular region or capital, but throughout the country. Wherever you are, our price offer is sure to make you think.

  • High level of comfort

    High level of comfort. We ourselves will think over all the little things and nuances so that you and your guests feel comfortable. We will offer several solutions, one of which you will definitely like. We are chosen because we pay maximum attention to each client. All our employees are full-time, competent and experienced installers. They are equipped with & nbsp; modern & nbsp; tools and equipment, and also have & nbsp; special training and tolerances of various categories, which are necessary when performing installation work.

  • reliability

    Reliability. The company "Tents and Tents" is one of the leaders in Russia in the rental of tent structures. Our company has unique experience in the development of such important and complex events as the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the Moscow River Tennis Cup. The quality of our tents is the envy of our competitors. Our company constantly maintains the youngest park of structures, with an average age of 6-8 months, which allows us to guarantee their impeccable appearance.

  • Safety

    Safety. The company "Tents and Tents" builds its activities in such a way that our Partners have nothing to worry about. By working with our company, you protect yourself from most of the difficulties faced by customers when working with other companies. We are fully responsible to our clients for the safety of the work performed, personnel and material assets located at the facility during the work. You are insured against deadlines. We have enough resources to hand over any object on time.