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Rent of tent structures

Here we will talk about the advantages of choosing rental structures in the "Tents and pavilions" company?

  1. Affordable price. When selecting a developer for the temporary infrastructure, each customer must pay attention to the price/quality ratio of the proposed solutions. Choosing the "Tents and pavilions" company as a partner, you get the perfect balance in this aspect. Our company always adheres to the average market prices, and not on the level of any separate region or capital, but on the prices of our entire infinite country. Wherever you are, our price offer will make you think about it. We do not rent out structures at the lowest prices - our tents are simply not worthy of it! But we don't get into the clouds either, because we want to work and we work all the time. We are bored to sit idly by and wait for a well-fed customer)).
  2. Comfort. The goal of our company is to become your partner for many years. That's why we always put your interests ahead of ours. That's why you will work with us as comfortably as possible. We'll do it for you: we will think over all the details and nuances to make you and your guests comfortable. we will offer several solutions, one of which you will definitely like. We are chosen because we pay maximum attention to each customer and try to foresee everything. Your comfort is our profession.
  3. Image. The "Tents and pavilions" company is one of the leaders in Russia in the field of tent structures rent. Our company has unique experience in building such important and complex events as the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the Moscow River Tennis Cup. The quality of our tents makes our competitors jealous. Our company constantly supports the youngest fleet of structures, with an average age of 6-8 months, which allows us to guarantee their impeccable appearance.
  4. Safety. The "Tents and pavilions" company builds the activity so that our Partners have nothing to worry about. Working with our company, you protect yourself from most of the difficulties that customers face when working with other companies:

    • We do not use illegal or unskilled labour. All our employees are full-time, competent and experienced installers who have not only modern tools and equipment, but also special training and permits of various categories necessary for the implementation of certain tasks.
    • The "Tents and pavilions" company is fully responsible to its partners for the safety of works, personnel and material values at the facility, during the production of works.
    • If there is an unforeseen situation during the installation works, the employees of the "Tents and pavilions" company, first of all, take care of the interests of the customer and only then of their own.
    • And finally, if your event is in our hands - you are certainly insured against failure to meet deadlines. We have enough resources to put up with any object at any time.
    Your peace of mind and safety is our absolute principle.
Having ordered tents for rent in our company, you will have wonderful and warm memories. And you and we will definitely meet on the site again!