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Arched tent Hexagonal 20x17 m.

Full description

The arched structures can be both 4- and 6-sided and can also be supplemented with tunnel modules.

  • Dimensions of 20x17 m (width and length)
  • Wall height: 4,5 m
  • Pavilion height: 5,5 m
  • Wind load (max.): 20 m/s
  • Space frame: 32x2.8 pipe, corrosion protection: hot-dip galvanizing or painting with special paints
  • Base: lavsan fabric
  • Weaving the base, threads per inch: 1100dtex PES HT
  • Type of coating: polyvinylchloride
  • Total weight: 650 g/m2
  • Tensile strength (L/W): 2500/2500 daN/5 cm
  • Rupture strength (L/W): 25/25 daN
  • Adhesive strength: 9/9 daN/5 cm
  • Temperature interval: -45 to +70 degrees Celsius
Cost of purchase:1 100 000 руб./шт. Buy

Advantages of buying a tent

The mobile structure will allow you to move the official or festive event outside the city, while maintaining a decent level of comfort for guests. The main advantages of using an arched tent are as follows:

  • full compliance of the product with fire regulations;
  • possibility of extending the structure by connecting additional modules;
  • high level of comfort due to the use of additional equipment;
  • presentable appearance, allowing you to use the tent, both at business and entertainment events;
  • possibility of branding by applying logos and relevant images to the outer surface of the material;
  • quick assembly of the structure.

Installation works

It takes several hours to prepare an arched tent for a banquet ground or exhibition hall. Installation of the tent product can be done without lifting equipment. However, it is better to entrust the assembly and disassembly of the tent to experienced professionals who know all the technical aspects of the process. Product fastening is carried out by means of steel stakes, anchors or cargo brackets. The dismantling of a structure also requires all the technical nuances to be observed.

Where to buy a quality arched tent

The "Tent and pavilion" company is engaged in the manufacture of arched tents of different capacity. The 10×10 structure is one of the most popular among our customers and is characterized by its durability and long service life.
When contacting us you can count on the most favorable terms of cooperation. We guarantee excellent quality and reliability of each tent. Also here you can order the necessary components for the tent structure. In order to rent or buy the product, please contact our manager at the phone number indicated on the website.

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