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Tent pavilion 15х50 m.

Full description

  • Size: tent 15х50
  • Area: 750 sq. m.
  • Unsupported wall width: 5,00 m
  • Slope of the roof: double-slope roof, constant angle, about 20 degrees
  • Wall height: 3 m
  • Ridge height: 5,5 m (with a wall height of 3 m)
  • Main frame profile: 145x 87 x 3,00 mm anodized
  • Tension of the roof tent canvas: belt tensioner
  • Tent cover of roof and walls: double-sided treated reinforced PVC material, 630 g/m?
  • Color palette: any solutions
  • Mounting of supports: anchor

Prices for a tent

PVC fabric used
Tent dimensions Area,
sq. m
G3, G4

G3, G4


750 2 512 000 2 635 000 2 738 000

Cost of purchase:2 512 000 руб./шт. Buy
Cost of rent: 300 000 руб./сут. Rent

Features of the 15x15 tent

         With the arrangement of the celebration the area of 225 sq. m. allows you to accommodate guests freely and spaciously. The tent span in this case is 15 meters. This structure is unsupported and can be mounted without special lifting gear or crane. The 15x15 tent is characterized by a high level of quality and reliability. All connections and profiles have been specially treated. The tent construction with a span of 15 m includes everything necessary for installation: frame, walls with and without windows, canopies, PVC roof and set of fasteners. Customers can choose from a wide range of colour palettes in PVC fabrics. Durable material (630 g/m) is resistant to any negative environmental factors. (Can also use any other material, e.g. 900 g/m.)

15х30 tent

         When planning the celebration, it is important to calculate the necessary area for comfortable seating of guests, stage placement, equipment, places for the dance floor, etc. The 15x30 tent provides the possibility to use the area of 450 sq. m. Accordingly, before ordering a tent of this size, it is necessary to know exactly where it will be installed. It can be a hotel complex, a picturesque grove, a water reservoir bank or any suitable plot. The area of the structure can be increased to infinite sizes. Robust and windproof structure can be used in all weather conditions. You can install the tent for catering on any surface: asphalt, concrete, lawn and other types of coatings.

Advantages of the tent pavilion

         Modern trends in corporate celebrations suggest the use of new approaches to their organization. Outdoor event is not only a fashionable trend, but also a very reasonable economy on the rental of expensive banquet halls. The advantages of using a tent pavilion are obvious. The structure can be quickly installed in any place convenient for you, so it does not require a long period of preparation. Maximum stability of the structure allows banquets to be held even in adverse weather. This is possible due to the use of a unique aluminium profile and the use of rigid and durable walls.

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