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Tent pavilion 20х50 m.

Full description

  • Size: tent 20х50
  • Area: 1000 sq. m.
  • Unsupported wall width: 5,00 m.
  • Slope of the roof: double-slope roof, constant angle, about 20 degrees
  • Wall height: 3 m
  • Ridge height: 6,4 m (with a wall height of 3 m)
  • Main frame profile: 240x110x5,00 mm anodized
  • Tension of the roof tent canvas: belt tensioner
  • Tent cover of roof and walls: double-sided treated reinforced PVC material, 900 g/m?
  • Color palette: any solutions
  • Mounting of supports: anchor

Prices for a tent

PVC fabric used
Tent dimensions Area,
sq. m
G3, G4

G3, G4


1 000 4 838 000 4 988 000 5 114 000

Cost of purchase:4 838 000 руб./шт. Buy
Cost of rent: 450 000 руб./сут. Rent

Large tent structures from the "Tent and pavilion" company

Our 20x20 tent can be an ideal place for a wedding celebration, graduation party, official reception. Thanks to the aesthetic appeal and beautiful design the tents look very spectacular, giving the holiday originality and creating a special atmosphere. There is enough space inside for a large number of guests as well as tables, chairs, a bar and a place for dancing. In the tent, guests will be able to communicate, dance, enjoy meals and participate in entertainment programs. It is especially pleasant that at any moment you can go outside and be in the fresh air, in a picturesque place. For larger events, such as exhibitions and presentations, where the number of visitors can amount to the thousands, you can use a 20x50 m tent pavilion. Such a large structure is capable of accommodating not only numerous guests and participants of the event, but also stands, showcases, advertising materials of companies presenting their goods and services.

Large tent structures from the "Tent and pavilion" company

Thanks to its size, the 20x50 tent structure can be used for sporting events, as well as serve as a full-fledged pavilion. Our tents are very well at preserving heat, so they can be used in the cold season, complemented by heating equipment. On request of the customer, tents are equipped with PVC doors and windows. The big tent made by our company, can be installed simply enough, it does not require special equipment. However, due to the large size of the structure, it can take a long time to install a tent with a span of 20 m. Therefore, it is necessary to order its installation in advance.

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