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Tent pavilion 25х50 m.

Full description

  • Size: tent 25х50
  • Area: 1250 sq. m.
  • Unsupported wall width: 5,00 m
  • Slope of the roof: double-slope roof, constant angle, about 20 degrees
  • Wall height: 3 m
  • Ridge height: 7 m (with a wall height of 3 m)
  • Main frame profile: 240x110x5,00 mm anodized
  • Tension of the roof tent canvas: belt tensioner
  • Tent cover of roof and walls: double-sided treated reinforced PVC material, 900 g/m?
  • Color palette: any solutions
  • Mounting of supports: anchor

Prices for a tent

PVC fabric used
Tent dimensions Area,
sq. m
G3, G4

G3, G4


1250 6 055 000 6 234 000 6 386 000

Cost of purchase:6 055 000 руб./шт. Buy

Tent with a 25 m span: Design advantages

     Using such a structure, the planned event can be held in any suitable place: on the household plot, near a pond or other picturesque area. This type of structure can be made in any color, which makes it possible to choose a shade according to the general design of the event.
     It is impossible to forget about a spacious enough platform, where all guests can comfortably stay. Other advantages of a tent structure are definitely worth mentioning:

  • can be installed on any hard surface (asphalt, building roof, concrete or lawn);
  • mobility and reliability;
  • independence from climatic conditions;
  • quick assembly of the structure;
  • application of the high-strength aluminium profile;
  • can be modulated and strengthened with rigid walls.
     Special attention should be paid to the presentable appearance of the tent, so it is worthy to decorate any event.

How to choose a tent for a wedding

     In order to determine the optimal size of the mobile structure, the number of people invited should be taken into account. Will 1.5-2 m be enough to accommodate one person?
     It is important to provide the format of the wedding celebration and the way of seating guests. If the decision was made to arrange a cocktail party, the tent pavilion can be extended by attaching arched modules if necessary. Also it will allow to equip in it a banquet hall, a scene, a platform for the musical equipment, make-up room for actors.

Cooperation with the "Tent and pavilion" company

     Our company specializes in the manufacture, sale and maintenance of tent products. In the process of their manufacture we use high quality materials and the most modern technologies. As a result, we are able to obtain reliable and durable structures that we offer our customers at the lowest possible price. To get information about product specifications and terms of cooperation, please contact our manager.

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