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Padoga tent

Full description

- Unsupported length of the wall: 5,00 m
- Length interval: 5,00 m
- Slope of the roof: variable from 18 to 70 degrees (pagoda roof)
- Wall height: 2,50 m
- The height of the dome: 4.5 m (with a wall height of 2.50 m)
- Main frame profile: 43 x 89 x 3.00 mm
- Beams: square

Cost of purchase:169 000 руб./шт. Buy
Cost of rent: 11 000 руб./сут. Rent

Design advantages

          Pagoda tent of 25 sq. m. is made of refractory ecological PVC-material. All metal parts of the structure (square-section steel pipes) are anodized to protect them from corrosion, increase wear resistance and durability of the product.
• Installation of one structure takes no more than 30 minutes, while the assembly of the 5x5 m tent is carried out by two or three people. The preparation of a full-fledged tent complex in the exhibition pavilion or on the banquet ground takes only a few hours.
• Installation is done without the use of any specialized equipment. Tents can be easily folded, packed and transported.
• Stylish presentable design allows to use the pagoda tent with the area of 25 sq.m. at any official and entertaining events. Such a structure will be equally appropriate at a wedding reception, business presentation or festival.
• If necessary, tents can be branded by applying logos and any other images to the outer tent surface.

Tents of 25 sq. m. at the best prices

          The "Tent and pavilion" company is engaged in sale, rent and installation of tent structures during 7 years. Do you want to rent or buy a 5x5 m pagoda tent? We will be pleased to deliver the requested number of prefabricated structures to your specified address in Moscow or any other Russian city.
          In addition, you can order any accessories and components for pagoda tents.
          Any questions? Ask us by phone +7 (910) 914-53-73.

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