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Padoga tent

Full description

- Unsupported length of the wall: 3.00 m
- Length interval: 3.00 m
- Slope of the roof: variable from 18 to 70 degrees (pagoda roof)
- Wall height: 2,50 m
- The height of the dome: 4.5 m (with a wall height of 2.50 m)
- Main frame profile: 43 x 89 x 3.00 mm
- Beams: square

Cost of purchase:105 000 руб./шт. Buy
Cost of rent: 8 000 руб./сут. Rent

Pagoda tent of 3х3 9 sq.m.

         Featuring an original design and a high tent roof, the 3 x 3 m pagoda tent is a compact, easily assembled and disassembled tent structure. Pagoda tent of 9 sq. m. is mobile, easy to operate and transport. When assembled and properly installed, it reliably protects everyone inside it, in all weather conditions - from direct sunlight, heavy rains, dust, snow and strong winds. Therefore, this structure is ideal for various outdoor activities in nature.
         Pagoda tent of 3 x 3 m will also be relevant during exhibitions, various fairs and business meetings. The convenience of this tent summerhouse has already been appreciated by many dacha owners who have installed such tents on their garden plots, and owners and employees of fast food outlets.

What does a 3 x 3 m pagoda tent represent?

         The tent is based on an anodized aluminum structure and a tent canvas, which is a PVC-coated fabric. If necessary, the tent is equipped with detachable walls on which there are windows made of transparent PVC film. The tent structure can also be equipped with an entrance group.
         Each tent of 3 x 3 m can accommodate up to 6 people. Tent pavilions of this type can be installed separately and used for recreation of a small group of people, and assembled in the whole tent camps of any area. And the camp, which is a single space, will be absolutely airtight, which is important in situations where it is necessary to organize a large-scale event.

Where to buy a 3 х 3 m tent?

         To buy a tent that will please you for a long time, just take advantage of one of our offers. The price for the pagoda tent of 3 x 3 m in our online shop is affordable. On our website you will be able not only to choose a suitable tent summerhouse, but also to consult with our specialists.
         We cooperate with transport companies and will be able to arrange delivery. Therefore, you can buy a tent of 3 x 3 m from us, being in any location in the country. It is enough to contact our employees by phone and discuss the details of the upcoming transaction. For every 3 x 3 m pagoda tent we provide a guarantee. We always welcome wholesale buyers and are ready to discuss with them individual terms of cooperation.
         Do you want to buy a tent of 9 sq.m.? Just contact our consultants and order the tent structure you like!

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