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24.10.2019 We work in Riga in Latvia! This is our first project in Europe! Look at the way this works...
We work in Riga in Latvia! This is our first project in Europe! Look at the way this works...

24.10.2019 Euro games 2019 in Minsk
Tents and pavilions at the international event - Euro games 2019! About 6000 sq.m. of tent structures and pavilions were installed.

05.06.2018 Pulkovo Airport
Tents for the World Cup 2018 in Pulkovo.

04.06.2018 FIFA world Cup 2018
Tents for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

01.06.2018 Park hotel " Grumant"
5x5 Pagodas at the park-hotel "Grumant"

29.05.2018 "Golden city" park
5x5 pagodas for the Golden City Park in the Tula Region.

27.05.2018 Restaurant "Berendey"
Tent for the "Berendey" restaurant.

18.05.2018 "Big water" project
Tents for the launch of the "Big Water" project in the Tula region.

15.05.2018 Forum in Vitebsk
Investment forum in Vitebsk.

12.05.2018 Makhachkala
A 10x20 tent in Ak Gul Park in Makhachkala

11.05.2018 Ladoga lake
A 10x20 tent on the shore of the Ladoga Lake.

04.05.2018 Expocenter in Moscow
Branded tent for "Vostokmash" at the Expocenter in Moscow.

02.05.2018 Monument to builders of military roads
Tents near the monument to the builders of military roads.

23.04.2018 VELDEMAN
"Tents and pavilions", LLC - the dealer of the VELDEMAN company.

21.04.2018 Yasnaya Polyana
Two 5x5 tents-pagodas with transparent walls.

13.03.2018 Opening of a new greenhouse complex of "TK Tulsky" LLC
A 15x20 tent at the opening of the new greenhouse complex of "Tulsky TK", LLC

15.02.2018 Pancake week in Tula
Several tents for the Tula pancake week have been installed.

30.01.2018 Opening of a new high-tech farm in Volokolamsk
A tent for the opening of a new high-tech farm in Volokolamsk

14.12.2017 Opening of the Moscow - St. Petersburg toll road section
Tents for the opening of a Moscow - St. Petersburg section of the M11 toll road near Vyshny Volochochek.

12.12.2017 Restaurant "Ugli" in Yaroslavl
A dodecahedric tent with the area of 300 sq.m. for a restaurant near the skating rink in Yaroslavl.

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