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Tent structures production

Tents and pavilions, LLC is a full cycle manufacturer, from drawing to packaging. At each stage of production we have achieved success, we have approached each stage professionally and creatively, and we have brought something to each stage to make our products even more convenient, reliable, affordable and modern.

Over the years we have been working with various tent profiles, we have understood their advantages and drawbacks. We have identified the profile we want to see in our structures and realized that it cannot be bought, it can only be created. And we created it. With an equal specific weight of the profile per one running meter, our profile is 20% stronger on average than the profiles used by other companies. And it's not just words.

We've achieved this result thanks to:

  • optimal pattern of the profile section, namely our profile contains not 1 chamber, but 3; the ratio of the bearing planes of the profile.
  • Alloy that increases the strength of the profile by 15-20% compared to other common alloys.

These properties of our profile are confirmed by tests and certificates.

Our enterprise occupies more than 2 000 sq. m of production and warehouse premises. Own modern automated HFC-line Fiab-900 allows us to weld fabrics for our tents professionally using PVC materials from leading world manufacturers, such as Serge Ferrari (France), Mehler (Germany).

Currently, our production capacity is 1.5-2 thousand square meters of structures per week.

Most of our tents can be upgraded and transformed into larger or smaller models. All our structures can be equipped with rigid walls, ABS-panels, cassette floors, entrance groups, climatic systems, electrical equipment and lighting.

And we can be proud of it! Since it's important for us not just to be a reliable supplier, it's important for us to be your partner.